There's basically a new Parent Trap/Princess Diaries crossover movie starring Vanessa Hudgens

This is perf

OMFG RuPaul's Drag Race seasons 1 to 7 have appeared on Netflix

It's an Extravaganza eleganza!

There might be sequels to Black Mirror episodes on their way according to creator

So pumped for these!


The Crain siblings in "The Haunting of Hill House" represent the 5 stages of grief and OMG

Omg this is a revelation

5 scary af things you should be watching on Netflix this Halloween

Settle down for a spooky night on Netflix

Btw, in case you haven't noticed, Luke from "The Haunting of Hill House" is so hot

Like ~scarily~ hot

Brooklyn Nine-Nine confirm season 6 release date!



'Orange is the New Black' is going to end after season 7

This has us feeling sad :(

People are apparently being sick after watching Netflix's "The Haunting of Hill House"

This sh*t looks scary af

Trailer for Derren Brown's "social experiment" show asks someone to take a bullet for a stranger

Omg this looks intense

Ozark has been renewed for a third season by Netflix!


Making a Murderer Season 2 trailer is here and it looks INTENSE

We cannot wait for this one!

New Black Mirror series will have a choose-your-own adventure episode

Netflix is taking interactive TV to the next level with the streaming giant giving adult viewers the power to choose-your-own adventure storylines.


Making A Murderer release chilling season 2 trailer and release date!

It's coming back and it's gonna be good.

Neflix' new show "Maniac" is really effing with people's heads

Yikes! This sounds intense!

Netflix have a new horror TV series coming and the trailer terrifies us


The Sinner season 2 has a release date and new trailer!

We are so excited for season 2!

'The End of the F***ing World' had a much darker ending originally

We're glad it ended how it did tbh!


Rupaul's Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards has a new show coming to Netflix

YAS QUEEN! This looks so good!

‘The End of the F***ing World’ has been renewed by Netflix for Season 2

It's back! Finally we get to see what happened at the end of S1 for sure!

Freda Black, the prosecutor from The Staircase, has been found dead in her home

This is crazy and sad!

New Netflix show 'Insatiable' is set to become our new obsession

This looks so good!


Post Malone's reason why Queer Eye fans want him on the show is hilarious & sad

Omg cannot believe he said that


Kiwi David Farrier has a new doco series coming to Netflix about 'Dark Tourism'

Get ready to binge watch your new doco series

The "Orange Is The New Black" season 6 trailer just dropped and everything's different

Cannot wait for thisssss

William and Shannan from "Queer Eye" just got married!



The Owl Theory about Netflix's 'The Staircase' is blowing people's minds

What the?!


The Queer Eye cast's main pay demand revealed

Good on them!


Netflix have brought out a new crime podcast that looks into your fave docos

We cannot get enough of this stuff!!

'Fantastic Beasts' and more coming to Netflix this July

Some amazing titles coming!!

A new trailer for season 2 of The Sinner has dropped and we're stoked!



Queer Eye's Fab 5 make over James Corden's guitarist and omg henny

Can you believe!?


The Queer Eye guys have been crowned official queens of the town Yass

This is the best thing ever


"13 Reasons Why” season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix

13 Reasons Why will return!

Netflix are releasing a new animated series about superhero drag queens

Check out the trailer here


Netflix's 'Evil Genius' might be getting a sequel!

More crime-solving goodness!


Crime doco fans are obsessed with Netflix's "The Staircase"

We will never stop telling you about new crime docos you should watch

Netflix's Queer Eye Season 2 has an official release date!!



The Secret Life of Pets and more coming to Netflix this June!

Here's everything you can binge watch in June!

Netflix have released the 'best true crime show ever'

This is a must watch!

The Sinner has a new lead actress

Omg! We are holding our breath for season 2!


Queer Eye is returning for a second season - YAS QUEEN!


Netflix name top 10 horror movies viewers can't finish

Have you seen any of these?

Here's what's new to Netflix in April

Yas! More shows to binge watch

Netflix are making changes to 13 Reasons Why Season 2 after study results

Good on them for listening!

Netflix's 'The Sinner' is officially coming back for a second season

'The Sinner' has been renewed for a second season, and we also have a plot for the upcoming series!


Netflix launch entire TV show just for baking fails

Finally, a baking competition we amateur chefs have the chance of winning.

Here's what's new on Netflix this month!

Check out what's on Netflix this month!

Chris Lilley has a new TV show coming to Netflix


People are already concerned about controversial Netflix reality murder The Push

Will you watch it?


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