Married at First Sight Australia

MAFS' Tamara's going round threatening to bash the other brides

Married At First Sight Australia's Tamara has been called out for her 'abusive' phone calls.


'Great humans': MAFS' villains Bryce and Olivia unite over receiving 'unacceptable' treatment

"Honestly they seem like two great humans and are nice people"


The Foot-Clapping, Bath Taking MAFS’ Patrick & Belinda Have Called It Quits

Our favourite bath taking couple have split after nine months together.


Bryce & Melissa from MAFS AU are engaged and pregnant with twins

They're engaged and preggers.


Married At First Sight Are Recruiting For Their New Season

It seems like Australia and New Zealand’s favourite trashy reality TV show – Married At First Sight – isn’t going anywhere.


Drop everything the MAFS AU 2021 trailer just dropped

One of the only good things out of 2020!


Melissa Lucarelli responds to Jules and Cam allegedly axing her from their wedding

During a chat with Dom, Meg and Randell, Dom asked Mel to address the rumours...


MAFS' Cyrell is expecting a baby with Love Island's Eden!

Did NOT see that coming!


MAFS star Davina shows off her baby bump

She's glowing!


MAFS' Jess and The Bachelor's Honey Badger are apparently dating

Just because MAFS has finished, doesn't mean the drama has too!


MAFS' Lauren says she was 'forced' to shower on camera

This is terrible if it's true!


MAFS' Ines shares dramatic before and after photos of her dental work

"Doesn't even look like Ines" one person said about her new look.


MAFS AU Davina has announced she's pregnant

"This year's Mother's Day was just that tiny bit more special".


MAFS star Jessika has had $23k worth of surgery since her break up

Jess' appearance has been the subject of many chats online


MAFS AU's Nasser confirms he could be on MAFS NZ 😱

Nasser wants a second chance...


MAFS’ Martha does a Kim K and takes a naked mirror selfie

This gal loves Kim Kardashian lolol


Leaked video shows MAFS' Jess and Telv together while she was with Dan

Looks like Jess has some explaining to do now...


MAFS' Jessika responds to rumours she cheated with Telv

Jess is not a fan of the stories going around about her


Omg MAFS' Heidi used to have a shaved head!

Heidi is a babe with any hairstyle!


MAFS' Dan says that Jess cheated with last season's Telv

Are you serious! The scandal of all this!


MAFS' Jess and Dan have officially broken up

Just days after their awkward AF arguement on live tv...


MAFS' Dan and Jess got into an argument on live TV and honestly it's so awkward

Looks like things are far from great for the couple right now...


How much MAFS stars really get paid for being on the show

In case you wanted you to go on the show for the $$$ instead of finding love...


It looks like MAFS' Ning and Mark have gotten back together

After the water works at their renewal ceremony, we couldn't be happier.


MAFS AU Insider spills the goss on all the behind the scenes secrets

Secret 'hook up' rooms, fake home-stay visits, taking away their phones and more!


MAFS AU "villains" are having to hide in safe houses after reunion episode airs

Oh my god this is crazy


Jules announces which two MAFS co-stars will be her bridesmaids

This is adorable


MAFS' Cyrell confirms she's dating Love Island's Eden

Cyrell is back off the market.


This Aus cinema is playing the MAFS finale on the big screen

We mean, the finale's going to have more drama than most movies at the moment so...


MAFS' Tamara answers fan questions about the show

Tamara spilling some serious goss!


What MAFS Susie looked like before her plastic surgery

She looks pretty different!


MAFS' Tamara slams the show for letting Jess and Dan stay on together

Tamara definitely isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to her ex-husband.


MAFS' Michael has shaved off his beautiful man-bun and we're screaming

We are not a fan of this new look!


MAFS' Mick breaks down after finding out about Jessika's affair

Without a doubt, the most explosive episode of MAFS so far...


MAFS' Jessika had a secret boyfriend while filming the show

"'She assured him she could never love anyone else."


MAFS Have released a trailer for the finale and omfg we are so ready for the drama

Ines, Elizabeth, Mel and everyone else will are coming back together for one more episode.


This MAFS groom has just been spotted on Tinder

Can't say we're surprised to see him looking for a new love...


MAFS' Jess and Martha are apparently looking to start their own reality show

Would you watch a show all about the MAFS besties?


MAFS' Cyrell has been spotted kissing this 'Love Island' star

Looks like Cyrell hasn't wasted anytime finding a new love.


MAFS' Nic sadly reveals his cancer returned while filming the show

Nic discovered his cancer returned just days after filming the show.


MAFS' Ines slams Sam again with more x-rated details about their relationship

Ines' posted on Insta again and this time, it's even more intense.


MAFS Ines just shared MAJOR x-rated details about her relationship with Sam

That's more info than we ever needed to know...


MAFS Cyrell calls Jess TF out for cheating in front of everyone and we're all for it

Cannot stop watching this.


MAFS' Mel answers all your burning questions about the show

Get ready for some goss!


Former schoolmate of MAFS' Ines says she bullied him so badly he moved schools

Sounds like Ines acted similarly in school as she does now


MAFS AU's Cyrell was arrested for drink driving

Cyrell, Cyrell, Cyrell...


MAFS' Mel says there's more to the story of Dino secretly recording her

Talk about drama...


MAFS' Mel shares the real reason why Dino went on the show

Even though they're not on the show anymore, the drama between Mel and Dino is far from over.


MAFS Sam has been spotted in this Netflix series and we're speechless

This is WILD.


LOL MAFS' Mike has confirmed weird tattoo rumour

This is. Odd. Hahah

Married at First Sight Australia

Married at First Sight Australia is a reality TV show where couples are matched up by three experts and meet for the first time at an altar.