Naz friend-zoning her partner and 4 other thoughts DWTS | Ep 3

trending 07/05/2018

In today's wrap up of last night's Dancing With The Stars, we couldn't help but notice a few things... 

They're summed up in the wee vid above but read some of our thoughts below:

1. Naz friend zones her partner

There's nothing more awkward than being friendzoned on live TV

2. Zac lends Enrique his buttons

We're not complaining tbh

3. Zac gets some interesting feedback from the judges

"Zac, I gave you a standing o"

4. Bruno Mars Expectation vs Reality

Don't worry Rog, we couldn't pull off his look either

5. WTF we have to wait to watch Suzy again?

Let's be honest, Suzy's the main reason we're all watching