Ed Sheeran

Omg, Ed Sheeran and his wife just had another baby that no one knew was coming

Wait, what did we miss?!


'All a bit morbid': Ed Sheeran reveals if he's really building a crypt

"I find it weird that people find this odd."


‘It was just wonderful’: Ed Sheeran shares his final memory of Shane Warne

“I was arm and arm with him, singing at the top of our lungs.”


The Edge brings you Ed Sheeran!

The Edge and Frontier Touring are excited to welcome superstar Ed Sheeran back to NZ on his +-=x Tour in 2023!

Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello had one morning to get their new hit 'Bam Bam' finished

Fans think the new collab throws some shade at Camila's ex Shawn Mendes...


Ed Sheeran's home burial chamber gets approved by UK officials

From 'Castle on the Hill' to burial grounds in the backyard...


Ed Sheeran reveals theory about 'test' Adele gives her mates to spot tabloid leaks

Revealing who her true friends are.


Full Interview: Ed Sheeran opens up about his new album '='

One of Ed's most honest interviews EVER.


Ed Sheeran is releasing a Christmas Song with Sir Elton John - and we've got a snippet

Ed and Elton, swinging in to save 2021.


Ed Sheeran: “I miss New Zealand… The tour’s planned”

Finally, some good news.


Ed Sheeran nearly retired from music after his daughter's birth

Ed nearly quit music all together following the birth of his daughter Lyra.


Ed Sheeran shares a song he wrote for newborn baby Lyra

Ed Sheeran spilled all the secrets on his new single 'Bad Habits' along with sharing when we can expect the whole album to drop.


Ed Sheeran’s New Single 'Bad Habits' Is Finally Here

Ed Sheeran has FINALLY released new music and we are here for it!


Ed Sheeran Is Teasing That His Upcoming Single Is “Really Different”

And his new album is coming too!


Ed Sheeran breaks down while performing new song at his friends funeral

"I wish that heaven, had visiting hours and I would ask them if I could take you home"


Ed Sheeran announces he's taking a break from music

After playing nearly 250 shows as part of his multi-year Divide tour, Ed Sheeran says he’s stepping back from music.


Ed Sheeran shares the heartbreaking news that his cat Graham has passed away

Such sad news


Ed Sheeran opens up about his battle with anxiety and fame "I feel like a zoo animal"

"I have a cool job and life but I just want to avoid that."


Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber release fun music video for "I Don't Care"

They look so happy!


Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran's new song "I Don't Care" is here!

The wait is over!


Ed Sheeran's neighbours are angry his "wildlife pond" might actually be a swimming pool

Ed is in trouuble with his neighbours!


Ed Sheeran defends his decision to wear a t-shirt and jeans next to Beyoncé

He's spoken out after fans online compared the two


The trailer for Ed Sheeran's new doco 'Songwriter' is here

We can't wait to see this!


Ed Sheeran's plans to build a Saxon Chapel have been rejected because there is already a church in the village

Ed Sheeran’s plans to build a ‘Saxon chapel’ in his estate have been blocked by residents, who don’t want there to be two churches in the village.


Game of Thrones star drags Ed Sheeran in an interview and we're crying

Lol poor Ed.


Ed Sheeran runs into urination problems at live gig

Oh my god Ed!


Ed Sheeran celebrates one year of being smoke-free

Proud of you Ed!


Ed Sheeran's security guard Kev creates hilarious Instagram account and goes viral

This is so good omfg


Ed Sheeran in talks to play lead role in movie

This will be interesting...!


Ed Sheeran responds to "bollocks" story that he wants to keep homeless people out of home

Don't go spreading lies about Ed!


Listen to Ed Sheeran's amazing Elton John cover from new album

This is so cool!!


Ed Sheeran says how much he loves New Zealand at Auckland show

Ed loves us almost as much as we love him!


Ed Sheeran popped 'round to PM Jacinda Ardern's house for tea & scones

So cool that she fangirled like us hahaha

See all the official pics from Ed Sheeran's first NZ show

How good is Ed!? <3


Here's the setlist for Ed Sheeran's NZ shows

Going to see Ed Sheeran? Here's what you could end up listening to!

There's going to be an Ed Sheeran pop-up store in New Zealand!

You're welcome!


Ed Sheeran & Kendall Jenner appear in parody music video with Chris Brown

This video is insane


Ed Sheeran is building his own chapel for his wedding!

This is soooo cute!


Ed Sheeran is wearing an engagement ring that Cherry made for him - aww!

This is adorable


Ed Sheeran has been asked to perform at the Royal Wedding

Imagine him playing Thinking Out Loud for them!


Ed Sheeran has named the Kiwi artists who will be supporting him in NZ!

Go Kiwis!! <3


Ed Sheeran has bought four homes next to each other

We gotta visit "Sheeran-ville"!


OMG Ed Sheeran is engaged!

Ed Sheeran has revealed he secretly got engaged to his girlfriend Cherry.


Taylor Swift's a bad ass b*tch in her "End Game" music video

Taylor, Ed and Future! Yas!


Ed Sheeran admits he has songs he's written "just in case"

What a talent!


You WILL be allowed to drink if you're going to Ed Sheeran in Dunedin over Easter

It was a close call though


Dunedin Ed Sheeran fans may not be allowed to drink in bars after his gig next year

A decision will be made soon


Ed Sheeran releases remix of "Perfect" with Beyonce

THIS!! Love.


Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" music vid sees him go on romantic skiing trip

How cute is this!? We've never felt so jealous of a girl before hahah


Ed Sheeran’s looking for someone to serenade, and eat pizza with


Ed Sheeran
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Edward Christopher Sheeran, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor. Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk. 

Born: 17 February 1991, Halifax, United Kingdom
Height: 1.73 m