Woman wakes up from a 3-month coma to find her fiancé had cheated AND ghosted her

scandal 10/06/2022

An Australian woman awoke from a three-month coma after falling head first into concrete, only to discover that her fiancé had cheated on her.

What an absolute nightmare to wake up to!

Brie Duval revealed in a TikTok video that her fiancé had blocked her from all social media and had moved in with another woman.


Brie (@hotcomagirl1) has since deleted the video detailing what happened to her and it’s just as well because it was enough to make your blood boil. 

Brie in the original video explaining what her fiancé had done

“Put a finger down if you were with a man for four years and you thought you were in love, so you guys get engaged.”

She then recounted how she had fallen off a 10m high retaining wall head first. It resulted in her being left in a coma for three months.

“So you go into a coma for three months, have amnesia for two months after that, and once you finally wake up, you pick up for phone to call your fiancé,” she said.

“You open the phone to a message from a woman that said: ‘blah blah blah has moved in with me, and moved out of your house, and now we are together, do not contact him.”

Firstly, having to hear that from the new girlfriend is an absolute kick in the guts! Surely the fiancé should take responsibility for his dog actions and say it for himself.

But, it turns out Brie’s fiancé had blocked her on ALL social media too, and she hasn’t heard from him since.


“He doesn’t care that you nearly died with a 10 per cent chance of living, but you know, at least he’s happy,” she finished sarcastically.

Brie now uses her TikTok account for good. She has since posted a series of vids talking about her personal experience and breakingdown the missconceptions people have about comas.

We love the positive twist - go girl!