Winona Ryder is all of us whinging about Netflix prices in a 'Stranger Things' interview


Winona Ryder has earned our absolute R-E-S-P-E-C-T after hilariously calling out Netflix’s price hike while promoting Stranger Things Season 4.

The actress was questioned during the show’s global premiere about the moment she realised the show was a 'huge thing.'

In the viral clip, Winona hilariously revealed that she received an email from Netflix informing her that her subscription was going up on the day the show first aired.

Well, I'm not on social media, but I do remember the day it premiered. I got an email from Netflix changing my subscription price.

The moment went down a treat with fans of the actress and many were shocked to find out the icon herself was still paying for her own subscription. 

“I LOVE Winona Ryder complaining about the cost of a Netflix subscription while being at a Netflix event!”

A third said what we are all thinking: “You think they’d give Winona Ryder free Netflix LMAO."

In March, the streaming platform released a statement, confirming that customers would now be paying more every month.

According to Tom’s Guide, standard subscriptions have mostly seen $1 per month increases, except for 2019's $2 increase and now 2022's $1.50 bump.

Then in May, it was reported that Netflix could be set to introduce adverts for certain subscribers.

So, now you’re telling me that I’m going to have to pay to watch ads? 

What kind of operation are we running here?!