Scientists found an easy way to tell if someone is lying and I'm calling a flat meeting rn

trending 17/06/2022

An easy, almost too easy, way to tell if someone is lying has been discovered by science and I am going to make use of it right away.

Researchers found out that all you have to do to discover the facts is simply get the suspected fibber to do something else while recounting the possible lie.

A study was completed at the University of Portsmouth which involved 164 people.

Some of them were randomly selected to be liars when asked questions about certain topics, while others simply told the truth - researchers had to guess who was who, with participants receiving a cash prize if they managed to fool them.

Two-thirds of the group were also asked to remember and recall a car’s licence plate, with 50% of those people being told it was very important to remember.

The liars who had to remember the licence plate were largely found out. Basically, when asked to remember one thing and lie about another they folded quicker than an old lawn chair at a house party

Professor Aldert Vrij, who was in charge of the study, said that it is far easier to lie when there’s nothing else to do.

Our research has shown that truths and lies can sound equally plausible as long as lie tellers are given a good opportunity to think what to say.

"When the opportunity to think becomes less, truths often sound more plausible than lies," he added.

Basically, keep those you think are dishonest busy, busy, busy. 

Hmm… interestiiing.

Next time the flat’s having a group clean I’m gonna start grilling them. Who finished my leftovers? Who’s not doing their dishes? Who’s drunk texted my ex?

Let’s see how good Sarah really is at vacuuming when I put her under the pump.