This gal was mortified after her mum pretended to be her and signed her up for Love Island

scandal 09/06/2022

ICYMI - the new season of Love Island is here (the second ep has just dropped today!) and we're all getting to know the army of hotties taking over the villa for 2022. 

Meanwhile, one 19-year-old musician is sharing her story of how she almost found herself amongst them when she learned her mum had signed her up for the reality show. 

Rylee Schindler, who is from the US, made a TikTok with the insane caption: "When my mom randomly signs me up to be on Love Island, incorrectly method acting as me throughout the questionnaire without asking." 

And we thought our mum showing our Tinder profile to the supermarket check out guy was bad. 

What follows are a series of hilarious texts from Rylee's mum, beginning with a screenshot of a message that reads: "Good morning you unicorn! What is your email?"

"If you get a call from a casting director to Love Island, I submitted your application," a follow up message several hours later reads. 

"One of the questions was, 'What do you want to get out of your experience on Love Island?', and your answer was to be discovered so you can pursue your music career - if you happen to find your 'person' that would be wonderful too."

Oh. Dear. But wait, it gets worse! 

"Oh, I put you were bisexual and a virgin, and not willing to just hook up."

As much as we are mortified on Rylee's behalf, we are living for her mum's vibe - and the commenters on TikTok felt the same way.

"LMAO I LOVE YOUR MOM BAHAHAHA we need a mom reveal. She’s so supportive and sweet," one user wrote. 

"She woke up that day at 6am and really decided to jump start your career," said another. 

Others were obsessed with the way Rylee's mum said "you're welcome" after revealing what she did, and then "hello" two hours later after getting no response from her daughter. 

While Rylee didn't end up joining the cast of Love Island, maybe this viral TikTok could be the career push her mum was after all along.