The 2022 Love Islanders reveal what gives them 'the ick' and guys, get some new socks

scandal 07/06/2022

We all get the ick, whether we want to admit it or not!

Even the beautiful and sexy 2022 Love Islanders aren't safe.

We meet the new islanders in a first look interview on the official Love Island YouTube channel as they prepare for a summer of love orrr a summer of icks.

They didn't hold back when it came to discussing some of their biggest turn-offs, and let me tell you, some of them are unexpected.


"Bad hygiene, someone whose breath smells, whose hair isn’t nice or who doesn’t look after themselves. A few clothing items can give me the ick, like someone who wears trainers with long socks!”


“I saw this guy today and he had trainers on, but you know when you can see the socks? He had black trousers with white socks and black shoes. It’s the little things. I get the ick pretty easily, I should chill out a bit!”


“Bad hygiene or girls that talk about money too much. I like material things myself but it can get too much. I like girls that have the initiative to be like, ‘no, I’ll get this’. Even just showing me that, I’ll still pay.”


“A guy that chases after a train. If I see a guy legging it for a train, it gives me the ick."

That's a new one!


 “If a girl is really rude, or if she’s not giving me enough attention, I will lose interest very quickly.” Does rudeness count as an ick?


Ikenna seems to be the only member of the 2022 Love Island cast who appears to be free of icks. "I don't have any icks at all." Just make sure you're chatty and your breath doesn't smell!"

So no socks, no trains and lots of toothbrushes are the secret to a summer of love. Good to know!