Miles Teller's shimmy in 'Top Gun' is quite literally flooring people with its hotness

scandal 08/06/2022


If you haven't seen 'Top Gun: Maverick', side effects may include breathlessness and extreme thirst.


Miles Teller - that’s why!

It all started with a scene in 'Top Gun: Maverick' where Miles Teller is goofing off with the boys, on the beach, shirtless. Then he does 'the shimmy'. 

It’s one little shimmy that has sent the internet into an absolute frenzy and before I show you, make sure you’re sitting down - because these girls sure wish they were. 

Even the boyfriends get it.

Is it the impressive 'stache or the incredible sun-kissed pecs? 

Either way, Miles has truly taken the internet by storm. But sorry to all the hopeful babes out there, Miles DOES have a wife. 

But she gets it too, because she’s been reposting thirst traps of him for all his new fans to enjoy. 

She's a true hero in our eyes. 

So if you haven’t seen 'Maverick' yet, just know there is a whole lot more where that came from.