Hiya Ken! Fans can't believe Ryan Gosling's transformation as Ken for new 'Barbie' movie

scandal 16/06/2022

Are you ready to see Ryan Gosling's transformation for his exciting new role as Ken, in the upcoming 'Barbie' film?

Because, what you’re about to see is a hunk of pure perfection!

Warner Bros revealed the preview of Gosling rocking a bleach-blond look, a serious six-pack and our favourite part is that Gosling is modelling Ken’s own line of underwear, which seems to be a take on Calvin Klein’s famous underwear line.

Many fans were absolutely buzzed to see the star showing off his take on one of our favourite childhood dolls. 

We can’t help but agree with the person that wrote: “Ryan Gosling as Ken is what is getting me through the rest of the year.”

Gosling will be playing Ken, alongside Margot Robbie as our favourite plastic blonde, Barbie, in Greta Gerwig's upcoming 'Barbie' film.

The romantic-comedy film will be released on July 21 2023, and will be released only in theatres.