You can unsend and edit texts in with the new iPhone update and my hangxiety is cured

trending 07/06/2022

We’ve all experienced the stress of pressing send a little too early or absolutely regretting every word we sent to our ex on a night out - right?!

Well, now you don't need to send the follow up “oops my cat ran across my keyboard” message because Apple is saving our asses with the new iOS 16 update.

There are two new features being added to the Messages app that give the sender more control.

With the new update you'll be able to edit and unsend texts sent through the Messages app but there is a time limit of 15 minutes!

Users will be able to edit messages, giving them a chance to fix pesky typos or expand on texts as needed. They'll also be able to "unsend" messages, allowing them to remove them from the chat entirely.

How good?!

But there’s a catch… These features are exclusive to messages sent through iMessage, designated by their blue background.

The feature will not work at all with "green bubble" SMS messaging, meaning the message will remain as-is when first sent.

Apple also notes that older versions of iOS will not respond to unsend requests. In those cases, recipients on older versions of the OS will be able to see messages even if they are deleted on the sender's end.

Brb, turning on iMessage as we speak!