1 in 10 Kiwis heat up wine in the microwave and R U guys OK?


All of us can admit to buying a bottle of wine just because it has a pretty label, or even sculling the dregs of that red that you've kept 'just for cooking', but a new survey has revealed some hilarious and bizarre crimes against wine committed by Kiwis. 

Online subscription service Winefriend polled nearly 1,500 New Zealanders for 'The Great New Zealand Wine Census' and the results are surprising, to say the least. 

At least 5% of respondents admitted to trying to DIY their own bubbly by putting their wine through a SodaStream, while 16% just shamelessly mixed their vino with a soft drink of their choice. 

Perhaps most shockingly, over a tenth of Kiwis say they've heated up their wine in the oven or microwave. So many questions about that one. 

A whopping 89% said they've purchased a wine just because they liked the label - relatable - and 84% confessed to buying wine they couldn't pronounce the name of. 

Over 70% thought they could taste the difference between cheap and expensive wine, and 2 out of 5 people felt confident enough to send a bottle of wine back at a restaurant. 

In conclusion - guys, we know lockdown was a weird time, but let's save the microwave for the popcorn and the Soda Stream for a hungover fizzy fix, m'kay?