'Back the fck off!': Tom Hanks loses his absolute shit at a fan who bumps into his wife

scandal 17/06/2022

Move over Will Smith, it's Tom Hanks turn to scream the house down while defending his wife - and the footage is absolutely wild. 

The 'Toy Story' star exploded at a swarm of paparazzi when one of them bumped into his wife Rita Wilson, yelling at them to "back the F*CK off" before staring down one of the group. 

It's pretty uncomfortable to see one of Hollywood's most gentle and beloved stars absolutely lose it - a bit like watching Santa Claus step someone out. 

Of course, we can't blame Tom at all for wanting to defend his wife, and unlike Will Smith, he had the good sense to take a deep breath and not let things get violent. 

"Quite frankly it's the coolest thing I've ever seen him do," one Twitter user wrote of the incident, which of course has blown up on social media. 

"You know you’ve done wrong when Tom Hanks yells at you," said another. 

Not everyone was on Tom's side though, with one person calling the reaction "a little aggressive and rude". 

"I mean without fans they don't exist in zillion dollar homes with zillion dollar lives." 

"Wow. it was accident," another tweet read.

"Looks like she tripped a little. Remember who got you where you are today, all those 'little people'." 

Look, all we know is that we never want to get on Tom Hanks' bad side, and we'd prefer to only remember him yelling 'WIIIIILSOOOON'.