Jansport dropped a range of Stranger Things bags and we got our mitts on some for you

trending 18/05/2022

Jansport has launched a new range of bags straight out of the 'Upside Down' with their limited-edition Stranger Things collection. 

Keen-eyed fans of the show will notice heaps of details from the hit series featured on the backpacks which are giving huge retro '1986' vibes. 

All the Jansport logos are upside down - see what they did there? - and lots of them feature the Hellfire Club patches that are seen around the halls of Hawkins High School. 

Meanwhile, the 'Sierra Madre' pays tribute to the pack worn by Eleven in the show and has a 'dark side' that you can show off by turning it inside out - basically, it's reversible, which is rad.

There's a 'Field Pack Demogorgon Hunter' style that will hold everything you need to slay monsters, or just carry your stuff to work or uni, including your lappy. 

The range is available in Aotearoa now, and can be found at Boardertown, Culture Kings, Pavement and on JanSport.co.nz, but we've also got five of the Hellfire Waistpacks to give away! 

Just tell us the 'Strangest Thing' you ever experienced as a kid - UFO sighting? Ghost encounter? Hand stuck in a can of Pringles? - below, and you could be in to win.