Survey reveals how often single men change their sheets and I may never recover

trending 02/05/2022

In today's edition of 'gross things I learned on the Internet': A new survey has shown how often some single men change their bedsheets, and while we knew it would be bad, we weren't prepared for these results. 

According to the BBC, a study of UK adults showed that nearly half of the single men who responded said they don't wash their sheets for UP TO FOUR MONTHS AT A TIME. 



What's worse, about 12% of respondents said they only chuck their bedding in the machine "when they remember", so that could mean even longer between laundry sessions. 

And look, it's not a competition, but 62% of single women said they wash their sheets every two weeks, while couples tended to wash theirs every three weeks. 

Expert opinion says changing your sheets once a week is ideal - two weeks at most - and that makes sense given all the sweat, dead skin cells and OTHER STUFF that builds up between the sheets. 

Get your mind out of the gutter, I was obviously referring to cookie crumbs or grease stains from eating hungover pizza in bed. 

Anyway, please, for the love of God guys: change your sheets.

Actually, if you're one of the four month-ers, burn your sheets. Buy new sheets, and then wash them... frequently. 

Thank you, and sweet dreams.