Simon Henry emailed Nadia Lim a hilariously bad 2-line apology after 'cleavage' drama


The Kiwi rich-lister who called celebrity chef Nadia Lim "Eurasian fluff" and said she was "showing cleavage" in the My Food Bag business prospectus has finally apologised - if you can call it that.

Simon Henry, the CEO of a chemicals company called DGL, claimed he had reached out to Nadia and "couriered" her an apology after his comments about her appearance made headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

Thing is, the My Food Bag founder never got that special delivery, and even though the NBR interview that caused all the fuss came out about a week ago, she only received this underwhelming email on Tuesday night. 

"Dear Ms Lim, I have tried calling you several times on your cell phone to make an apology but was unable to get through," the letter reads. 

Therefore, please take this letter as my sincere and formal apology for my inappropriate language in relation to you used in the interview.

Yikes. That's it. That's the whole thing. 

As if things couldn't get any worse, Today FM's Rachel Smalley confirmed Nadia never had any missed calls from old mate Simon, nor any voicemails. 

The letter was signed and dated 6 May, and sent by the DGL office manager in an email that stated Simon would "certainly like the opportunity to discuss" things with Nadia on the phone. 

Meanwhile, Nadia told Newshub it was "good to finally receive something. Albeit through the office manager, and six days later".