Harry styles smiling with a baby

My ovaries cannot cope with Harry Styles holding a baby in the BTS of 'As It Was'


Harry Styles just dropped a behind the scenes clip for the 'As it Was' music video and it features this moment of Harry holding a baby.


Harry Styles holding a baby in the air like in The Lion King

At the beginning of 'As It Was' we hear a child's voice say ‘Come on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you’, that voice is Harry’s 5 year old goddaughter Ruby. And as if that didn’t make the song cute enough, someone handed Harry Styles a baby during the shoot and the behind the scenes cameras caught all of it!

It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

I’m dead. 

Please bury me in my 'Treat People With Kindness' merch.

Harry Styles holding a baby meme

The behind the scenes video shows Harry rehearsing on a spinning platform and…okay…I’m not over it. Let’s just look at the photo again.

HArry Styles holding a baby

As always, Harry is pushing boundaries with fashion. His nail polish is matched to his red undies. Somehow, even when he’s not wearing clothes this man is a fashion icon.


Harry styles smiling with a baby

Okay, get me away from these photos.

I can’t do this anymore.

Article over. Wake me up when the album is out.