Millie Bobby Brown stalked by fan who lied his way onto Netflix set to get to her

scandal 31/05/2022

Millie Bobby Brown was allegedly stalked by a ‘super fan’ who lied to security to gain access to her latest film set.

Dalian Martin, 26, is said to have lied his way onto the set of 'Damsel,' which is set to be released in 2023. 

Millie Bobby Brown on set for new movie Damsel

Dalian was reportedly seen again on the set of a live podcast that Millie was hosting, forcing her team to call the cops.

Documents from Dalian's recent hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court have been seen by The Sun and state:

 "Martin has on two occasions attended filming venues where high profile actress Brown is in attendance recording for Netflix and a live podcast."

Dalian provided false information to security staff at each venue in an attempt to gain access to the venues and make contact with Millie for unknown reasons.

On May 16, Dalian was accused of 'acts associated with stalking' and was issued an interim stalking protection order, which now restricts him from being able to contact Millie or her family.

He has been instructed not to wait for or follow her and is also not permitted to visit any locations where she may be.

Dalian is also unable to take any still or moving photographs of the actress. Any devices in his possession that provide him with access to the internet must be reported to the police. 

Passwords for any social media accounts, which have since been deleted, must also be turned over to law enforcement.

Dalian is due back in court on July 7, and if he fails to follow any of the above he could be faced with jail time.

We hope this is the last time this is reported, and Millie has all the support and security around her right now!