MGK called Megan Fox his 'wife' and dedicated a song to their 'unborn child'

scandal 16/05/2022

Woah, woah, woah - there's a lot to unpack here. 

Machine Gun Kelly has got fans in a frenzy after he referred to Megan Fox as his "wife" and then dedicated a song to their "unborn child" at the Billboard Music Awards.

We have some questions: 

MGK was performing his song 'Twin Flame' when he made the dedications, telling the crowd: "I wrote this song for my wife." 

It's hard to tell if the mention of an unborn child refers to a baby the couple are already expecting, one they hope to have. One sad fan theory gathering steam online is that Megan could have suffered a miscarriage. 

The 'Transformers' star knew the song was coming, but it's unclear if she knew just what her man was planning to tell the world. 

Ahead of the performance, she told Entertainment Tonight the song had a "really secret special meaning" to it that meant she was "sure" she would be emotional in the crowd. 

"But I can't cry and f*ck up this eyeliner," she added.