Channing Tatum apparently pulled the finger at diners and had them booted from restaurant

scandal 25/05/2022

Channing Tatum allegedly served a piping hot dish of awkwardness at a posh London restaurant after he falsely accused fans of secretly photographing him.

The incident apparently went down while Channing was taking a break from filming the new Magic Mike film, according to The Sun.

An insider who claims to have watched the situation unfold said, "There was a group of six enjoying a lunch and taking pictures of each other." 

“Channing thought they were taking pictures of him and furiously stuck his middle finger up at them.

“The next thing, the maitre d’ was telling them to leave.”

I don’t know about you but getting kicked out of a public restaurant for taking photos with your friends seems a bit dramatic…

Is Channing entering his diva phase? 

This sort of behaviour really messes with our long-standing crush on you, Channing, so please mind your manners.