Bradley Cooper is a completely unrecognisable grand-DADDY in new movie role

scandal 01/06/2022

Bradley Cooper has totally transformed into a white-haired, cigarette-smoking, spectacle-wearing composer called Leonard Bernstein, for his next role, and we're unsure how to feel.

Leonard Bernstein (left) and Bradley Cooper portraying him

Are we crazy or is Cooper pulling off the old man look? Sure, it's less 'silver fox' and more 'polar bear', but we're not mad at it.

The prosthetics, hair, clothing, and jewellery required to turn the 47-year-old into an elderly Broadway legend must have been extensive, but it's paid off.

And it's a major change from Bradley's previous looks in films like ‘A Star is Born’ and 'The Hangover'. 

Cooper won't be wearing wrinkles for the entire film, which is titled ‘Maestro’.

He will also play a younger Bernstein for some parts of the movie, as well as directing. 

The film is a biopic of Bernstein’s life. He was a renowned composer, most famous for composing the massively famous Broadway show ‘West Side Story’.

He won seven Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, and sixteen Grammy Awards for his work.

The film, though, will focus more on his romantic life.

Bernstein was gay, but he was romantically involved for over 30 years with Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan, who starred in 'The Great Gatsby', alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. 

During those three decades they were engaged twice and married for 25 years, and she knew about his sexuality the whole time. 

The movie will also feature Maya Hawke, from 'Stranger Things', and Jeremy Strong of 'Succession' fame. 

Martin Scorcese and Steven Spielberg are the producers of the film. 

The movie is set to release in 2023 and it will come out on Netflix.