A fake Wellington real-estate company lets you create billboards about how FKd buying a house is

trending 11/05/2022

Nothing says 'housing crisis' like a billboard telling you to just 'stop being poor'.

A fake Wellington real-estate company has set up a spoof billboard generator for kiwis to say how they really feel when it comes to the housing market.

Calling out the state of the housing market which sees most of us living in shitty flats while others are making more money than ever,  the creators of the site say "This app was made by some Wellington friends who thought that bragging about being greedy middle-men in a housing crisis felt a bit off."

"We thought about defacing billboards, but that takes effort (some of them are really high up). Then we realised we could give everyone the power to write their own messages; to shape our collective narrative." They continued.

'How Lowe Can You Go' let's users update the text on billboards across Wellington, and as you can imagine, people have been having a great time absolutely ripping into the market.

If you want to write your own, head to the Lowe and Go website