Ryan Reynolds literal jaw-drop reaction to Blake Lively's dress was the best MET Gala moment

scandal 04/05/2022

Look, all we ask from my boyf is to look at me the same way Ryan Reynold's looks at Blake Lively at the MET Gala, is that too much to ask? 

The MET Gala went down for 2022 yesterday was lots of amazing looks (and some more... questionable looks...) but one of those at the top of our faves list was Blake Lively.

Blake arrived in a gorgeous copper Versace dress complete with a giant bow on the front. 

As she walked down the carpet though, she surprised all of us, unveilving a completely different green look underneath!

The best part was the reveal also caught Ryan Reynolds by surprise as his jaw literally hit the floor. 

It's fair to say the couple can be crowned King and Queen of the MET Gala 2022.