We're done dating after guy dumps 'most beautiful girl' because of her body in awful text

trending 22/04/2022

Dating, especially men, can be a battlefield and we'll admit, rejection can be a hard pill to swallow. 

We've all heard jaw-dropping stories of how guys have dumped girls or even worse, spinelessly ghosted them. A girl has taken to TikTok to share her story of how a guy dumped her over text and we're officially throwing in the towel.

Cadigan Smith, from the US, shared a series of screenshots of texts with a guy she was seeing, showcasing some all too familiar behaviour of men.

In the start, he swoons over her, saying "I really f*cking like you" and "You're just the most beautiful girl", followed by "the time we spend together is so effortless and fun I never want it to end". Seems sweet, right?

She then skips to later conversations where the guy says "We need to talk", and then proceeds to criticise her apperance by needlessly saying '"I'm just not that attracted to your body" and explaining that if it moved forward, it would be 'fake'.

A simple 'I don't think this is going to workout' or anything other than criticising her appearance would have been sufficient but this guy, like many others, just had to take it one step too far. 

If that wasn't already bad enough as it is, he really put the icing on the cake by saying "But if you're ever out you can hmu I just don't want an expectation of like a consistent thing". 

Excuse us while we just go and SCREAM. I don't know why we're even surprised at this point. 

She posted a follow up video which shows the guy texting her, explaining that his friends have been sending him the video and asking her to take it down. 

He continued, and this, THIS is what really gets us. He said "I know you're upset that I said I didn't want to see you anymore but we can change that"

"If you take it down we can definitely start hooking up, I wouldn't mind at all". Aw, I think that's exactly what she wanted to happen, guys really CAN read minds!

We're done, we're actually done.