KFC's new Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowl is exactly what I needed in my life

scandal 05/04/2022

What first looked like and April Fools joke, has turned out to actually be true!

At the same time we pretending Intern Cal was going to be New Zealand's Next Bachelor, KFC shared a photo on the 1st of April of KFC branded chopsticks holding some popcorn chicken. 

But even though it was posted onthe 1st, KFC weren't lying about a brand new item on their menu!

We needed KFC but what do you need in your life? Tell us and you could be winning it!

Today, they've launched a popcorn chicken rice bowl, and honestly, my life is now complete.

The bowl has popcorn chicken, salad and rice topped with KFC's famous chip seasoning and your choice of chili relish or teriyaki.

Available now till the 16th of May, If you're in the mood for something a little lighter for lunch, this is definitely for you.