'IT' Prequel series is in the works so get ready for more Pennywise

scandal 05/04/2022

Just when you thought you were done with having to see Pennywise...

A new 'IT' prequel series is in development and from the sounds of things, it's going to keep us up at night just as much as the movies.

Currently called 'Welcome to Derry', the series will begin in the 1960s and take place in the time leading up to 2017's 'IT: Part One' film.

The series is also set to further explore the origin of 'Pennywise The Clown' something that was touched on in 'IT: Part Two' but considering Pennywise's history goes back hundred of years, we'd love to see parts from even before the 60's.

A Pennywise balloon lamp is now here to haunt your dreams

Andy Muschietti, the director of the 2017, and 2019 'IT' films, is set to executive produce the series aswell as direct the first episode is the series gets the official go-a-head from HBO.