This gal has the best hack to get your tight jeans to fit perfectly and can I just say thank you

trending 12/04/2022

We've all been there, finally finding your jeans after months in lockdown, excited to wear something other than your PJs but...  when you put them on, you can't get them above the hips...

Luckily, one TikToker has found a life hack for this.

TikTok user Lily Schoknecht walked her followers through her Nana's genius old-school hack, people started stretching out their jeans to fit them perfectly!

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People on TikTok are raving about the hack after watching Lily's video, "NANA ... she knows what's up" commented one viewer.

"Omg nana for the win. I'm doing this today with a pair I have laying around!!:tada:" wrote another.

"So this is how the sisterhood of the travelling pants worked" a third joked.

However, not all were open to the idea with one commenter saying "Would love to try this but the thought of being in wet jeans makes my skin crawl".

Worth a try though!