'I still love her': Selling Sunset's Jason on watching new season after split from Chrishell

scandal 27/04/2022

Selling Sunset's fifth season landed on Netflix last Friday and pretty much sussed our weekend plans, giving us all the tea we needed and more. 

Returning to the show, one of the biggest shockers was the revelation of the relationship between President Real Estate Broker of the Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, and agent Chrishell Stause.

“I’ve never been with a better woman or felt more happy and comfortable in a relationship,” Oppenheim said in season five about his new relationship. 

While the reveal came as a shock to the other agents at the Oppenheim Group, Jason and Chrishell have since announced their split, claiming they have different desires for starting a family. 

Revealing their split back in December 2021, we can only imagine how awkward it must be for them both to watch back the highs and lows of their relationship... oof. 

When discussing the upcoming season, Jason told People "It's almost like if you got a divorce and had to watch your wedding video, why would you want to do that?".

This has not been an easy breakup for me at all — my most difficult for sure — and I'm still processing. So to have to go through this when I'm already having a difficult time is not something I'm looking forward to.

The 45-year-old broker and attorney continued “It felt real and deep and loving. I still love her, obviously, so it has definitely been an extremely difficult process for me.”

Yeah nah, we can think of a few things we'd rather do than watch a playback of our last relationship alongside the whole world. 

Chrishell shared a post with her 3.2 million Instagram followers, thanking them for getting the show to #1 and acknowledging the difficulty of watching the season back.

"It wasn’t easy to watch at times but I guess if it was, you wouldn’t be so invested in our crazy lives." she wrote in the caption.

"Reunion show airs on Netflix on May 6th. Please say a prayer for us 🙏🏼😅"

We'll be thinking of you Chrishell while we try to contain our excitement for this reunion episode.