Kanye West sparks backlash after releasing 'scary' music video about Pete Davidson

scandal 04/03/2022

Kanye West has dropped a, well, bizzare/ disturbing music video for his collaboration with The Game, 'Eazy.'

When the duo dropped the song earlier this year, one line in the song didn't go unnoticed, where Kanye raps "God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

Now, he's taken it a step further to take yet another jab at Kim K's new boyfriend, and fans are a bit concerned.

In the new music video for the song, a clamation version of Kanye chucks a bag over Pete Davidson's head, kidnaps him, and buries him in the ground, with just his head poking out.

The clamation Kanye then pours rose seeds onto Pete's head, and later in the video you see roses have bloomed over him.

The video ends with a text screen, with the words: "everyone lives happily ever after" and "except for Skete you know who".

It ends with "jk he's fine."

Fans have had a mixed reaction to the video, with some finding it funny, and others finding it pretty disturbing.

One person commented, "The burying Pete Davidson is kind of creepy and scary. Kanye has gone dark."

While another commented, "Pete Davidson being Kanye’s worst enemy is the funniest shit to me."

Check out the music video if you like, up top.

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