This TikTok hack to curl your hair in seconds has gone viral and our minds are blown

trending 22/03/2022

I'm sure we all know the struggle all too well of spending time trying to get the perfect curls with different hair styling tools. Well, we have some GREAT news for you.

This hair salon based in London, UK has shared a hack to get perfect curls with the absolute minimum amount of effort.

All you'll need to pull off this hack is a hair dryer and your lucious locks! Take a peek at the TikTok below to see how it's done.

The stylist divides the hair into two parts and then proceeds to twist the two parts over each other right until the ends of the hair.

The stylist then gets the hair dryer and hovers it over the plait-like section going up and down and viola! You have perfect curls with the minimum amount of effort!

Why have we not been shown this hack earlier 😂

At this point it's another day, another TikTok hack to make life easier!