The creator of Squid Game reveals season 2 hasn't even started being written yet

scandal 15/03/2022

In a disappointing update from the creator of Squid Game, the scripts for season 2 haven't even started being written yet.

It was confirmed by Netflix at the end of last year that season 2 of the hit Korean survival show would be coming, but just recently, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety that a script doesn't even exist yet.

At this year's Critics Choice Awards when Dong-hyuk was asked about a season 2 script, he replied: 

"It's here. Not on the page, it's here," as he pointed to his head.

 "Everything is secret. I cannot tell anything."

The only piece of information that he did reveal was that main character Seong Gi-hun "will come back and do something for the world."

Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun, has admitted to People that he doesn't know much about season 2 either. He said:

"I have no idea what will happen or the scale of it, but the only thing [director Hwang] did tell me was that Seong Gi-hun is going to be in the show again, and he's going to be playing in the arena again."

Plus, at the very end of last year, director Dong-hyuk revealed a little bit about the season 2 plotline to Korean news outlet KBS. He said:

"The focus [of season 2] will be the story of Seong Gi Hun unraveling [the mysteries of the organization behind the game]. The overarching plotline of season two will be the story of the people that Gi Hun meets and the people he chases after."

It was also revelealed last year that Dong-hyuk is already talking to Netflix about a season three.

Better get started on that season two script, Dong-hyuk!

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