The company that repairs broken Ice Cream machines is suing McDonalds for $900M

scandal 11/03/2022

We're all well aware of the age old issue of McDonald's Ice Cream machine's always being "out of service".

Well, a start-up company that tried to fix the issue is suing the fast food chain for $900 million.

According to The Hill, the founders of the small business, called Kytch, which specialize in remote controls, maintenance, and other tools for ice cream machines, are suing McDonald’s for allegedly sending emails to other companies saying that their devices were a safety threat and did not work.

Source: Eat This, Not That

Court documents reveal that the startup is seeking $900 million in damages from McDonald’s for defamation, false advertising and interference in its contracts with customers.

While McDonalds are claiming the safety certificates that Kytch had did not meet the standards they require for equipment, Kytch are claiming that McDonald’s singlehandedly destroyed their business because of the lies they were spreading about their product.

McDonalds released a statement, saying “McDonald’s owes it to our customers, crew and franchisees to maintain our rigorous safety standards and work with fully vetted suppliers in that pursuit,” they said. “Kytch’s claims are meritless, and we’ll respond to the complaint accordingly.”

Sounds like this situation got messier than any broken ice cream machine.. 

Unfortunately, even after this lawsuit, it doesn't look promising that the machines will be getting fixed any time soon 😭