Take a look at this optical illusion that looks way dirtier than it is

trending 23/03/2022

An innocent photo has sent the internet spiralling after viewers mistook it for someone getting it on in a public bathroom.

The image was posted to Reddit in the subreddit r/Opticalillusions and sent reddit users spiralling as to why they've been shown what they thought was a blurry image of people going at it in a bathroom.

Now if you're like us, you took one glance at the image and immedietly your mind went down a dirty path.

But as you glance further down the image, you can see socks and shoes and it is revealed that it is an innocent image of someone flexing their calf muscles in a toilet. 

While these ridiculously buff calves really had us fooled for a minute there, some reddit users are still struggling to see the image for what it really is. 

One Reddit user commented "I can’t see the legs. I’m trying but I can’t".

I guess some have no control over their dirty mind, we see you, ya filthy animals 👀