Research says that choosing a different alarm tone could stop you feeling groggy every morning

trending 25/03/2022

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and groggy, research now shows that your alarm tone could be to blame. 

Research from the RMIT is now suggesting that the default alarm tone, the one we all know that absolutely triggers us when we hear it, might not be great for 'effective waking'.

In an article published for the conversation, RMIT researcher Stuart McFarlane said that some alarm sounds can enhance alertness upon waking and people should be choosing theirs more mindfully.

Not gonna life, we've always just gone for the default tone but maybe that's why we've always been cranky in the morning...

According to McFarlane, waking up isn't like turning on/off a light switch; it takes time and requires greater blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Certain sounds and music might boost blood flow, allowing you to wake up sooner and more effectively.

He also suggested that songs that are tuneful and upbeat can wake you up effectively without leaving you groggy or in a cognitive state of reduced alertness.

The research also found that people who use alarms that are songs they know and enjoy experience less grogginess than those who used a standard beeping alarm. 

We're just concerned that we're gonna ruin a song we like if we put it as our morning alarm though... 

Check out this video below from News Feed about what the best alarm sounds to wake up to are and hopefully you can start the week off with a new alarm sound and new you!

Next time you pop on your deadly alarm, maybe try changing the tone as something new and see how you feel when you wake up!