Miley Cyrus performs her Hannah Montana era classics for the first time in years

scandal 22/03/2022

Miley Cyrus has surprised her South American fans during her tour by performing some of her early tunes and Hannah Montana era classics that she hasn't sung in decades. 

Miley's Quick Attention tour kicked off on March 18th in Argentina and she decided to sprinkle a few of her early hits into her performances. Fans were quick to jump on social media to share the videos which we couldn't be more thankful for. 

First up, she took us back to an absolute classic with Fly On The Wall - WHAT A TUNE 🙌

Headlining the Lollapalooza concert in Chile, she pulled out her first release under her own name, See You Again, which she absolutely owned (as expected of course). 

Miley didn't forget about one of our personal favourites and such an iconic breakup bop, 7 things. 

Lastly, she pulled out one of the most iconic Hannah Montana hits 'Hoedown Throwdown which brought back all the feels. During the performance, she admitted she doesn't remember all of the lyrics, which is fair enough.

We LOVE to see it 😍

We're just hoping Miley will come to New Zealand and perform some of these classics for us to enjoy live!