Hailey Bieber has released a statement after being hospitalized for a blood clot in her brain

scandal 15/03/2022

Hailey Bieber has spoken out on her Instagram story after suffering from a blood clot in her brain and being rushed to hospital. 

The star shared a screenshot of her notes explaining what happened with her 41.8 million followers.

Source: Instagram

The 25-year-old model was released from the hospital over the weekend and said on Sunday morning she was doing okay, although the experience was “one of the scariest moments".

How scary! 

While Justin Bieber hasn't yet commented on his wife's diagnosis, he shared a photo of the two holding hand's to his Instagram, captioned “Can’t keep this one down".

A source close to the couple told People ""When it happened, there was a lot of panic. Justin texted everyone he knew and asked everyone to pray for her, and he never left her side."

Another source told TMZ, that a doctor believed that the blood clot was related to COVID-19.

Justin tested postive for the virus in February and had to postpone tour dates although Hailey never confirmed whether she had contracted the virus. 

We hope Hailey makes a speedy recovery!