A Bubble O’Bill Easter Egg is dropping in Aussie next week and we need it!

trending 09/03/2022

One of our favourite childhood ice-creams, Bubble O'Bill, is getting the Easter Egg treatment across the ditch!

For the first time ever, the cowboy-themed-ice-cream is transforming into easter egg form, complete with bubblegum, of course.

The milk chocolate egg will be covered in a strawberry chocolate marble, with chewy berry bites and caramel chunks in the mix - just like the original ice cream.

But unlike the ice-cream, the easter egg will have FIVE gumballs instead of one. How GOOD. 

The easter egg is hitting shelves at Woolworths in Aussie from next Wednesday, 16th March.

Fingers crossed it makes its way over to NZ shelves!

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