Pete Davidson's going to space next week so tick it off your 'lol what' 2022 list

scandal 15/03/2022

Honestly at this point, no news will ever surprise me. 

Pete Davidson broke the internet this week after sharing screenshots of his text convo with Kanye West

And obviously, as any reasonable person would do after popping up on news sites all over the world, he's decided to check out of the planet and head to week.

The comedian will be the latest star to head into space with Jeff Bezos for what will be Blue Origin's 20th mission to space.

The flight, which lasts just 11 minutes ( long enough for Pete to get a well earned break from all the Kanye drama though) will take off March 23rd aswell as being live-streamed on Blue Origin's website.

We can already tell Kanye's insta is going to be going off.