Intern Cal has been announced as the new Bachelor New Zealand

scandal 01/04/2022

Meet New Zealand's new Bachelor.... Intern Cal! Wait, what...? is that a typo?

No, apparently it's not.

Announced this morning, Intern Cal is joining one of the biggest reality shows ever, The Bachelor in search for the love of his life.

Already having a Bachelor's degree under his belt, the modest and endearing bachelor describes himself as a “pretty chill but excitable bloke”.

I’ve always stood by the fact that life is about experience and you should take every opportunity presented to you, especially the ones that scare you… So when someone offers you the chance to meet gorgeous and interesting women, travel the world, and hopefully find the love of your life… it was a no brainer.


Tell me about your job:

I’m a radio producer which means I get to do heaps of cool things like travel, meet and interact with our listeners, change people’s lives, laugh/have fun and work with some great friends while I do it. I love how it allows me to express my creative side and force me to consistently think outside the box. 


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I would love to say I enjoy keeping fit and going to the gym, but I’d be lying… I do like to get outside, go for a surf or head out on an adventure, but I also love a quiet night at home with a book or a good movie. I’m a bit of a geek so I love comics, video-games and anything Marvel. 

Moment you’re most proud of:

Graduating with a Bachelors degree - I was never good at school and wouldn’t consider myself much of an intellectual, so completing my degree with good grades was a proud moment for me. 


What are you looking for in your ideal partner?

Someone who’s independent, social, kind and amicable - Someone with a good heart but also isn’t afraid to roast me for a bit of fun. I love having a laugh and being cheeky, so somebody who can match that energy. I’d like to meet someone who is passionate and ambitious.

What words would your friends use to describe you?

I’d hope my friends describe me as honest, loyal, fun and care-free. I’d imagine they’d say I'm a bit of a clown too.

The series actually drops todat, 1st of April a.k.a APRIL FOOLS.

Yeah this is all a joke but TVNZ.... let us know if you're keen for 2023!