This girl has made an 'exit quiz' for dates that ghost her

scandal 14/02/2022

A woman from Nashville, Tenessee has headed to TikTok to show how fed up she is with guys ghosting her so she created an 'exit quiz' for them to fill out to understand why.

Ghosting is one of the most immature, cowardly and disrespectful ways to end things with someone, regardless of whatever situation you're in. 

With questions ranging from "Why did you ghost Shanna?" to "If you could tell Shanna one thing before she forgets who you are, what would it be?", we're starting to think we need a copy of this. 

In another TikTok, Shanna describes meeting a man on a dating app. They hit it off, "vibed so hard" and texted each other often. Then, out of nowhere, he began to ghost her. The experience inspired the questionnaire.

"I had zero intention of getting anything out of this survey, it was just for pure comedy," she said.

She added, "This was purely to call out the fact that guys don't have backbones or balls to be like, 'Hey, you're not it.' It's not that hard. Believe me, I know I am not everyone's cup of tea."

Shanna managed to get one of her dates to complete the survey and she posted his responses on TikTok.

When asked how Shanna could avoid being ghosted in the future, the guy suggested, "Date women because men are dumb."

If this is the way to get answers for men's actions then you can sign us up!