The first episode of Kanye's documentary series has dropped on Netflix


Act one of Kanye West's documentary series 'Jeen Yuhs' has dropped on Netflix and people are already praising it as 'inspiring'. 

The 'once in a lifetime three-week global event' was launched with the release of Act One titled 'Visions' arriving to Netflix on Wednesday. 

The documentary, which has been in the making for over 20 years, starts with Kanye attempting to get signed to a record label and get a break in the music industry. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the first episode, with many praising him for how inspirational his story is. 

The 89 minute feature shows unseen footage of Kanye with his late mother Donda, whom he named his tenth studio album after. 

One fan shared "That was his biggest cheerleader yet spoke truth to him without diminishing his confidence. I can't imagine losing the one person that is rooting for you without cruel intentions. He never received this type of love again. This explains so much of him now."

The series is set to release two more episodes titled 'Purpose' and 'Awakening' which are due to drop on Netflix on February 23rd and March 2nd. 

You can watch the trailer for the series below.