Addicted to Wordle and have a dirty mind? Try Lewdle

trending 15/02/2022

If you have a dirty mind and Wordle isn't quite enough for you each day, you're in luck. 

Lewdle is a dirty version of Wordle and will open your mind to words you never knew existed. Just like Wordle, a new word is released each day and you have 6 attempts at guessing it. 

Lewdle uses all kinds of naughty words from the Urban Dictionary, embracing all things saucy, sassy and unsanitized, while having good, clean dirty fun. 

Lewdle will really test your knowledge of dirty words and unleash a dirty part of your mind you never knew existed. 

After only 9 days, Lewdle has already become a hit.

If you want to have a crack at today's Lewdle, click here.