Prep for some emotional damage after this heartbreaking fact about 'Rugrats' Tommy

90s 22/02/2022

'Rugrats' was a popular cartoon for many kids growing up in the 90's. On the surface, the TV series was about a group of fun and mischievous babies who loved to get up to adventures from their baby perspectives.

But as some adults are rewatching their nostalgic favourites, they're discovering some facts that they never picked up as kids.

One new fact that has gone viral features an Rugrats Mother's Day episode (Season 4, episode 3) where Tommy Pickles recounts being in a "fish tank" as one of his earliest memories. But 90's kids are now connecting that the "fish tank" is actually a incubator for premature babies.

The fact has had people realising the emotional backstory of Tommy's protective parents, and relating it to their own children.

"Crying as I am pumping right now for our daughter born almost 10 weeks early and currently 3 weeks into her NICU stay..." commented one new mum.

"Damn. And now I'm crying. Our babe was premature and I hate to think he was looking for us when we couldn't be there," mentioned another mum.

"As a kid who grew up watching Rugrats and the dad to a micro premie who spent 95 days in the NICU this definitely made me tear up a bit," commented a dad.

"No wonder why Stu calls him champ, why DeeDee is always worried about him, and why Tommy is always so brave and doesn’t take life for granted."

Watch the clip from Rugrats below: