The internet reacts to how school in 'Euphoria' couldn't be any less typical

trending 13/01/2022

Euphoria has returned for a second season after a long two year wait. Now the internet can't get enough of how unreal going to Euphoria High is.

People are starting to question what would even go down at this school.

In the show you rarely see any classes happen. Teacher seem to not give AF about anything. Not even the typical American lunch in a cafeteria.

No uniforms around here, anything goes in the world of Euphoria:

There's really nothing new to learn at Euphoria High School.

The kids seem to just stick to what they know best:

Writers and producers don't even try to make it look like a typically normal high school situation. Like, where's all the stationery at? Not a single book or pencil in sight:

It really couldn't be more different than your typical high school.

Euphoria: Season 2 is streaming now on Neon.

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