Ed Sheeran's reportedly building a burial chamber on his £3.7 million 'Sheeranville' estate

scandal 14/01/2022

Ed Sheeran has been busy over the holiday period. Sorting plans to build a new church complete with his own burial chamber.

According to the Daily Mail, plans for Ed Sheeran's estate appear to show a burial chamber towards the back of a boat-shaped church.

Perhaps he plans on being buried there? Kinda like the royal family.

Ed has already poured millions of pounds into ‘Sheeranville’.

His farmhouse features six bedrooms, a man cave, recording studio, hot tub and a billiards room. He's also got four other homes, a pub, treehouse, underground music room, indoor swimming pool, his own wildlife pond and tunnels.

Initially Ed was denied permission to build the church on his £3.7 million estate, but got approval after re-submitting plans in 2019.

Construction of the church started in early January.

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