A four day working week is being trialed in the UK

trending 18/01/2022

That's right fam. A four day working week is getting trialed in the UK.

Lucky for some. Right...

The idea involves employees working 80 percent of their normal week at 100 percent of their pay to see what impact it has on actual productivity and employee welfare.

It's called the 100: 80: 100 model. Where you get full pay for 80 percent of the work, but agree to work at 100 percent productivity.

Sounds like a win, win situation.

A six-month pilot programme has just begun - to find out if this new mode of working can acutally work in real life. They'll then measure the sucess of the trial to determine how well it works. 

Previous studies have indicated that a four-day week is better for both productivity and worker wellbeing.

Hopefully this second trial goes well - so we can pick up this way of working in NZ ASAP. Four days. How good!

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