Survey reveals Kiwi kids aspire to be 'internet streamers' more than anything else

trending 08/12/2021

Turns out kids these days all wanna be internet streamers when they grow up.

A new survey from Logitech NZ has revealed 75 percent of youth between the ages of 10 and 18 reckon they want to take on YouTube and Twitch as a job.

Whether it's getting paid to be a gamer or raking in the earnings on YouTube.

Should we be surprised? According to the survey, kids watch way more online vids than their parents, with 63% of kids watching online vids at least once a day.

Good luck with asking mum and dad to help fund your dreams though. 

47% of parents said they wouldn't support their kids financially if they decided to persue their dreams or turning their hobby into a career.

It can be done though. Just look at this Kiwi 'Granny' who's making bank on Twitch!

'Granny' is a local Twitch streamer who's built a community of over 80,000 Twitch followers. They've also just been picked up by T-Pain’s management company in the US. So it's definitely not impossible to make streaming work as a career.

Goes to show - you can make it work if you put your mind to it.

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