The average number of sexual partners for men in NZ has been revealed

Confidential - Sex 03/01/2022

It looks like kiwi men are having sex with more partners than most of the globe…

Manual, a men's mental health website has revealed statistics about the average man’s sexual history and it’s pretty interesting.

New Zealand Men on average have 13.2 sex partners, just falling into third place behind Australia with 13.3, and Turkey who topped the list with 14.5. At the bottom of the 35 countries was India with an average of 3 sexual partners in their lifetime.

The study also revealed that New Zealand men on average lost their virginities at the same age as Slovakia and Turkey with an average of 17.8 years old.

The stats came with a sex-positive message from Dr. Earim Chaudry, Medical Director of Manual who commented,

“While people in some countries prove to have more sexual partners than others, it is important not to compare yourself to these figures.”

“Safe, consensual sex should always also be practiced, and the number of sexual partners does not correlate with a man’s level of satisfaction with their sex life.”

“While we can see differences in countries, it is important to remember that men from all over the world should only have sex when they feel ready.”