Sarah Jessica Parker reveals challenges reviving Sex and the City role in And Just Like That

scandal 10/12/2021

Sarah Jessica Parker has insisted it wasn't "simple" resurrecting 'Sex and the City' characters in 'And Just Like That'.

The 56-year-old actress - who reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO's revival of the comedy drama - has opened up on the challenges she and her cast mates Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon faced on set.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think, actually, every day figuring out who Carrie is, who is Charlotte, who is Miranda?

"Putting that back together is probably not quite as simple as some might think.

"You may recall how they sound and walk and talk, but more so who are they now, and what has time given them? How do you reveal that? And what do they dress like, and what matters to them?"

Sarah insisted fans of the show will get a feel for the differences in the characters - and their world - as the 10-episode series gets underway.

She added: "It will become abundantly clear that, like for many people, time and experiences and cities and environment and circumstances tend to dictate who you are when you walk out the door."

And when it comes to the timing of the revival, the star insisted it wasn't a case of finding the "right or wrong" moment, but instead it was about an "appropriate" reason to make a new series.

She explained: "I don't know that there is a right or wrong time. I think for us... we felt excited about the kind of stories that we were interested in telling.

"We found that home again at HBO, so we were encouraged that this year or next year, it just felt appropriate somehow.

"That we had left these women, and we were curious about where they were, and who they were, and what was their life like, and who they were surrounded by.

"It gave us a lot of opportunities to make the family larger and start telling new stories."

'And Just Like That' is streaming now on Neon from 1pm today.

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